Parker Wilson

Director of Marketing and Operations

Parker Wilson is the Director of Marketing and Operations at Keybridge Wealth Management, addressing marketing, advertising, public relations and community involvement at our practice. She also develops organizational processes and manages projects for the team to help us meet our clients' needs quickly and efficiently. Her goal is to ensure our commitment to clients and their families is evident in all aspect of what we do.

Parker began her career in Marketing at a non-profit center in Ocala, FL before moving to Tampa and joining our team in 2019 while working toward her Master's Degree in Communications from the University of South Florida. After graduating in 2020, she joined our team full time, building relationships and providing support to our clients.

Out of the office, she enjoys figure skating, cooking, exploring Tampa's local spots, and playing with her dog. Fun fact: Parker's first name is actually Sydney but she let us call her by her middle name to avoid any confusion.

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